I was nervous about having hypnotherapy but Dave very quickly put me at ease, listened carefully and supported me. I felt able to trust him very quickly. I was wanting help with managing my weight and dealing with stress. Working with Dave has helped me enormously. I would definitely recommend him. 

Jane, Lee-on-the-Solent

As someone heavily involved in performing Arts, I went to Dave to get some help with my confidence particularly for auditioning and responding to feedback. The support he gave me was excellent and hypnotherapy has helped massively with my stage fright.

Paul, Hampshire

I have suffered for some time with dry eye syndrome and it was stopping me doing every day things. Dave helped me to stop focusing on my eyes and taught me ways of managing the discomfort. I am much more confident about getting out and about now!

Alice, Hampshire

Having never considered hypnotherapy as a form of treatment for anxiety, we have been totally amazed at the results achieved for our daughter who has been suffering with it. Dave has such an approachable, kind, caring and friendly manner which is just so important in the whole process. As well as hypnotherapy to treat the anxiety he has also provided other coping strategies for future issues should they ever arise.

I would highly recommend Dave and Phoenix Hypnotherapy for anyone suffering with anxiety, the results we have seen have been remarkable.

Elizabeth, Hampshire

Truly professional. Dave took great care in exploring the root of the problems I was having and devised the most appropriate treatment plan. There have been noticeable changes in my mindset which have made a huge difference. The whole process was relaxing and rewarding. Highly recommended.

Patrick, Gosport

I have been seeing Dave for a few months now with some anxiety issues. I can't recommend him enough. His professionalism and care shine through. He has helped me out of the situation I was in and for that I will be always grateful.

Paul - Portsmouth

Dave helped me greatly to change my mindset and self esteem. I would highly recommend.

Chelsey - Hampshire

I approached David for help with my weight problem and anxiety issues.
I was unhappy with myself, I felt constantly tired and jaded and as a result my confidence and self-esteem were low.
I found my weekly sessions to be very relaxing and insightful and at the end of each I felt energised and positive in my outlook to the week ahead.
David has a very easy-going and friendly manner and at all times I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable.
Since completing my sessions, I have joined a gym. I now exercise regularly and enjoy it! I am much more focused on what, and how much I eat. I have lost weight, I sleep better and I feel much more confident and self-assured in situations that in the past I would have found stressful.
Highly recommended.

Pat - Gosport

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Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique that can help you to regain control of your life by helping you to reframe and reimagine how you approach things. It provides you with an opportunity to focus on yourself and how you want to improve the quality of life.