It’s ok to visit pity city… just don’t buy a house there.

Written by David Hall | Posted in Article Sunday, February 28th, 2021

I came across this Native American saying as I was watching an episode of ‘The Sopranos’ the other evening – surprisingly I’ve only just got around to watching this incredible show, but that’s another story…

I don’t imagine there is a single intepretation of this, in fact Google it and you’ll see there isn’t – some people may see this as putting their trust in a Higher Power or a similiar spiritual meaning may come to mind. I don’t think it really matters. That’s the beauty of phrases, sayings and stories, our subconscious can find its own meaning and purpose that aligns with our values and beliefs.

I think sayings and stories are great, and that’s why I use them a lot in my hypnotherapy work.

There’s no shame in feeling a bit sorry for yourself now and again, to take some much needed time to reflect on things, to feel sad and maybe shed a tear. Life can throw us off course at times, we can find ourselves in places and situations that we hadn’t planned for. We can all experience loss, isolation, pain or heartbreak. The best self care we can give ourselves is not to deny how we are feeling and to ‘suck it up’ but to accept.

It’s not good for us to stay stuck in ‘pity city’ and acceptance helps us to move forward when we are ready and at our own pace…sometimes we may need a little support to do this and that’s where folk like me come in!

I take great hope from this Native American wisdom. The wind has the power to transport to new places, it can be a gentle breeze if we need it to be or it can be a powerful hurricane that blows away all the junk that is holding us back. The wind can change direction and guide to paths and places unknown or unconsidered.

Whether you believe that there is a divine purpose, destiny or karma or whether you don’t…I hope the wind always guides you to your happiness and joy!