A little bit of self-care goes a long way…

Written by David Hall | Posted in Article Friday, November 16th, 2018

Afternoon everyone!

It’s not always easy being a parent and when it comes to promoting good mental health with our children this can certainly feel the case. The modern world can feel like a minefield of pressures and distractions that lead to all sorts of issues e.g. anxiety, panic, depression, eating disorders to name but a few.

I know from my many years working in education that getting help is not always easy. Resources are limited and families can find themselves waiting months or even years to get access to the support that they need.

That’s why I believe it is so important that we try to be as pro-active as we can and nurture healthy and resilient ways of living. That way we can do what we can to avoid significant problems developing. The more we can have a climate of support and love in our homes and amongst our social networks then the more we can provide our kids with the tools they need to thrive and live the fulfilled lives we hope for them.

Here are a couple of great articles recently published in Happiful magazine that I think provide some really helpful tips and strategies. I hope you find them useful.

And for those times when you feel you need some extra help then do give me a call. Hypnotherapy can be very beneficial!