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Welcome to Phoenix Hypnotherapy.

I am a private Hypnotherapist practice located in Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire. I also serve Gosport, Stubbington and Fareham and I am easily accessible from Portsmouth and Southampton via local roads and the M27 motorway.

David Hall - Clinical Hypnotherapist

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This list is by no means exhaustive. We are all different and that’s why it’s important that I have the opportunity to get to know as much about you as I can...

What is Hypnotherapy?

There are a lot of popular myths and misconceptions about hypnosis. So let’s be open from the start. This is not stage hypnotism or what you see on TV. This isn’t about entertainment...

About Us

I founded Phoenix Hypnotherapy because I believe that everyone has the capacity to exceed their potential, to live the life they want to and I am committed in helping you in Rising to Change...

I was nervous about having hypnotherapy but Dave very quickly put me at ease, listened carefully and supported me. I felt able to trust him very quickly. I was wanting help with managing my weight and dealing with stress. Working with Dave has helped me enormously. I would definitely recommend him. 

Jane, Lee-on-the-Solent

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Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique that can help you to regain control of your life by helping you to reframe and reimagine how you approach things. It provides you with an opportunity to focus on yourself and how you want to improve the quality of life.

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Life with an overthinker.

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In my previous post, I talked about what overthinking is, how people who are overthinkers can sometimes find this a struggle and some sug...